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How to Use Gooru

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the best free K-12 learning resources on the Web.


resources you've discovered into quizzes or collections which are customizable playlists.


collections in the classroom or assign them to your students as homework.


Using collections and quizzes hand-picked by you, students complete assignments tailored to their exact needs at their own pace.

Gooru in the Classroom

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Five Teaching Methods using Gooru Collections Inside and Outside the Classroom

Blended Learning
Flipped Classroom
Project-Based Learning
Enriched Instruction
The Blended Learning Model
In the blended learning model, teachers utilize learning stations to easily differentiate a lesson. Students work in small groups and travel to learning stations to complete various tasks set up by the teacher.
How it Works in Gooru
Create a Gooru collection to engage your students and tier instruction either with different levels or learning styles. Collection narration allows you to provide teacher instruction so that students are well supported while away from the teacher. Learn how to create a collection for the Blended Learning model.

How to Get Started

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Start your own collection of resources on a particular subject, or personalize an existing collection for the way you like to teach.
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